Landscaping Services

Scott Cleveland Landscape Corporation services include sustainable design, installation and maintenance for both commercial and residential properties.  Our horticulture capabilities include smart planning for seasonal color, landscape design and installation, arboricultural technical pruning, lawn renovation and disease and pest control.


From start to finish SCLC can assist you with all of your landscaping needs. SCLC has over 35 years of experience in designing beautiful landscapes for any size home or business. From simple touch up jobs to elaborate design and whole estates we can do it all. The first step is setting up an appointment with you at your home or business to learn more about what you want your landscape to be and then SCLC will design a custom plan full of creativity you are sure to love.


A slippery slope or bank can be hard to maintain and difficult to decorate. SCLC can protect these areas with crosstie or block retaining walls. There are various designs and outcomes SCLC can produce that will make these problems areas safer, maintenance free and more appealing. Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see what our mobile fleet can do for you. 1-800-327-BUSH


You've worked hard to provide a safe place for your family to come home to. Why not make it relaxing as well? SCLC has designed hundreds of beautiful patios and walkways for your enjoyment and added curb appeal to welcome friends and relatives on their visit to your home. Arrive to a beautiful custom walkway or enjoy a cold beverage as you retreat to your custom crafted patio. Recharge your spirits as you overlook your property. Whether adding on a new patio or walkway or just updating your existing one SCLC can design and install using a number of materials. We are sure to find something you will enjoy for years. Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see what our mobile fleet can do for you. 1-800-327-BUSH


We offer a 4 acre nursery and specialize in suggesting the right trees and shrubs to facelift your landscaping. A properly placed shrub or tree can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home not only in looks, but properly placed trees can greatly assist in energy efficiency and save your budget! There's a lot more to just picking up the prettiest shrub at your local nursery. We understand the different soil types and proper placement for optimal growth and beauty. Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see how our creative eye can help the aesthetics of your surroundings.


Diseased trees are dangerous and unattractive. Often if we catch it in time we can save your trees with sprays or treatments keeping them alive and enjoyable. If you see irregular growth or spots on trees around your home please don't hesitate to call. The sooner we identify the problem the better. Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see what our mobile fleet can do for you. 1-800-327-BUSH


Have a new construction? We can fine grade and prep your grounds for lawns, and seed or sod. Do you have an existing lawn that needs help? Consult with us to determine if dethatching, core aeration, fertilizing or other amenities can help. Give us a call and see what our mobile fleet can do for you. 1-800-327-BUSH


Proper pruning for standard plant material to Bonsai shaping can be achieved on your shrubs or that specialty plant. It is important to plan to accomplish this task at the proper time to achieve optimum results. Pruning season can vary according to the species and growth habits of your plant material. Schedule a consultation visit with us today at 1-800-327 BUSH.


CLC has the equipment and experience to effectively stop or even prevent future erosion. In our region often home builders have to carve out home sites leaving unattractive dirt banks susceptible to erosion. Erosion is an eye sore and can be hazardous to your home and property. Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see how we can help limit your liability issues.


If you love the peaceful sound of a babbling brook or the class of a beautiful fountain, look no further than the designs by SCLC. We can design stone water falls, peaceful ponds, or designer fountains. Designs and installs that make maintenance easy and relaxation even easier. There is no limit to what we can do for you and your home.


In the event of an accident or disaster SCLC provides insurance appraisals. We pave the way for fair compensation of your loss, then we can help facilitate return of your home back to the way it was! We strive to make the process as easy and painless for you as we can. Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see what our mobile fleet can do for you. 1-800-327-BUSH


Establish a friendly buffer to keep unwanted critters out. Fashion a perimeter to protect your loved ones. Choose split rail, plank or vinyl fencing. We will create a look to compliment your space with a feeling of "surround security."


Choose from a variety of borders and edgings for your shrub beds, trees and islands. Then create your own signature look with an array of mulches, colors, rock or aggregates to mulch your plantings. Give us a call and see what creative concepts we can develop for you.


If you are in need of fallen tree removal, stump grinding and chipping, give us a call. Our mobile fleet is ready to serve you.